Appeals and complaints only will must be received by e-mail to

Treatment process for appeals and complaints.

We always will give you a response by e-mail whether it’s complaints or appeals although they are not applied or related to impaction activities, in this case will must inform the reasons why it has not corresponded.

The research and decisions concerning to appeals may not give rise to any discriminatory action.

The decision taken about appeal or complaint will must be checked and approved by Superinspect directors. In this process won’t participate any employs who has done the inspection concerning to the appeal or complaint.

Quality supervisor will be responsible to follow up and register of appeals and complaints.

If any complaint or appeal is serious it must be treating like non-conformity case.

Once we finalized the process of the treatment about appeal or complaint, quality supervisor will be responsible to communicate about the determination of the same via by email to who originated the appeal or complaint.